Start of the working week, Monday

Right in the morning, it’s clear that the situation is different today than on the weekend.

Latrán Street is no longer a “quiet” pedestrian zone with the occasional passing automobile – it’s become a busy throughway with an unprecedented number of people passing by chaotically. Bus companies pass by one after another, and deliveries are in full swing. Not all the drivers look where they are going, and they drive too fast for my taste (and for the taste of several people forced to jump out of the way).

Construction work has begun on the building across the street. Since it’s somewhat higher than ours, we get plenty of dust. The workers have tried to cover it as best they could, but the dust still gets everywhere. There is no way I’m airing my duvets out the window in this situation – I’d have to wash them right away or change the sheets.

The local shop is busier than on the weekend, and the opening hours and number of employees have been increased accordingly. It’s great that you can still find an ordinary store downtown where you can buy all the things you need.