Both yesterday and today, the streets were filled with tourists since the early morning hours. One problem is the “Alchemists’ House” in our street. Insiders have told us that it is going to be a hotel or restaurant.

A local teacher nearly has a fit whenever she sees the stuffed deer in the window of the Chinese restaurant by Beneš Bridge across the street from the primary school. Judge for yourself whether this addition to the town’s streetscape has changed its image for the batter – which, indeed, was town hall’s intent. I cannot publish the words that come to mind when I see the fur caps and similar goods emblazoned with the letters CCCP.

We have just one comment for our third weekend. Krumlov residents do not come downtown on Saturdays and Sundays. For whole three hours, Věra didn’t meet a single person she could greet. That hasn’t happened before.

Věra and the kids set out to greet Mr. Jurášek and Mrs. Fleková and to invite them to our evening barbecue, while Pepa was hanging around in front of the house on Široká, talking with the new volunteers.

The grilled meat attracted the neighbors from across the street, and also a group of visitors from Ostrava.