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Lego building blocks Airy UNES-CO castle A bear in a moat   We are sitting at a base of a Baroque plague column and assembling the lego building blocks with Emička (5). In our “normal” life, I would probably have not brought LEGO blocks to a square, but in Česky Krumlov’s “normal” life, everything is […]


WE LOVE ČESKÝ KRUMLOV, Emička (5) says, with a piece of chalk in hand. AND VENICE TOO!

“A normal life is enough for me,” a yellow dress said.

Two Women from India The children are playing with a ball with their father in Latrán. Two tourists are sitting down on a sofa in the street, with a visible relief. My chance arrived, I say to myself, and I sit down next to them. We exchange radiant smiles, look at the children, nod our […]

The Colour of Vanish Detergent

Nine violet roses, The colour of Vanish detergent, And a white vase, Bought in Tesco, made in China, Made my day in Český Krumlov today. Nourishment for the soul, As Khalil Gibran recommends. /He drank too much./ I bought pasta, pesto and parmigiano, And a bottle of red wine too. All our yesterdays will be […]

21. 6. 2018 – Zuzana celebrates her 9th birthday

Zuzana is celebrating her 9th birthday today. She’s been looking forward to it (the presents, mostly) since morning. A little after 7, we take the bus to Větřní. She goes to school and I make a cake for the afternoon. Armed with all the party supplies, we get in the car and almost leave without […]


Eva wanted to plant some herbs that grow well in a planter in the house on Latrán. I promised that I would procure the herbs and soil at a nearby gardening store. I brought everything home, but how to get it to her place on Latráň? That’s what neighbors are for! I popped by to […]

Farewell party

Even the bad weather couldn’t keep the Čareks from organizing a farewell party for their friends and for any locals who happened by. I always looked forward to seeing Věra and her family whenever I went out on one of my walks. They were always doing something outside their window: once, they were making elderflower […]

Walking the dogs

I promised Eva and her kids that I would come by with the dogs and we’d take them for a walk together. On the way, one of my girls decided to do her duty in the narrowest place between the wall and the garden on the island, and by the time I managed to pick […]