Monika Š. I won’t hesitate. The main thing is for me to have great neighbors 

Jana B. I’d go for it right away. I just don’t know if my family will let me do the normal life.

Lukáš K. May I ask who is financing this? Thank you.

Honza D. You and me – the taxpayers. You can contact the Ministry, which is mentioned as a partner, and the city. They are obligated to tell you how much this Potemkin monkey business is really costing us. I don’t doubt the artist’s honest motivations, but I see the whole thing as a beautiful example of how contemporary society works. Does it move? Tax it. Is it still moving? Regulate it. Has it stopped moving? Subsidize it.

Unes-co The project is a public competition by the National Gallery for the 16th Architecture Biennale in Venice. An expert jury of architects selected my idea and my proposal. You can find more information on the website of the National Gallery, or you can apply next year yourselves.

Jaromir R. That’s something for me, spending a month living normally. I haven’t had that in a long time

Jiri V. That’s just my thing. I’d even do two months!!

Iva V.  Even odd jobs are normal?

Michaela Š. It strikes me as theater for tourists, because you can’t live normally in that downtown. I can see it now: I send the kids out to kick a ball around on the street among the tourists, and what it turns into, and who’ll pay for it all afterwards…    

Martin B. It sounds interesting. Could you please describe what the wages for normal life will be based on (minimum wage, guaranteed pay, average, median… in the Czech Republic, in South Bohemia…) ? Thank you

Helena Š. Let’s goooooo!!!

Petra B. Exactly i’m almost 29 i’ve lived in krumlov since birth and i was last in the center for ice cream last summer – and that after maybe 10!! years and that was enough so next time in another ten years….

N. Jan How much is the pay? I just want it to be worth my while, a whole family of 5. I can carry everything the shopping push a stroller even give the kids a good slap every now and then. Then I’ll quietly read a book on the Square    but for god’s sake why should I take pictures of myself to send in with the application. That’s impossible. I’d have to ask somebody to follow me around. I don’t carry a selfie stick while sweeping        

Sasha P. L. I’d apply right away if I could!!!

Michaela V. This farce is going to represent the CR??? Well kiss my grits, I guess we don’t have enough ways of making fools of ourselves.. What you’re doing here is laughing in the face of people who are desperate for a place to live in Krumlov. Only “artists” paid from public grants could understand this kind of thing..

Nela V. It wouldn’t be normal if somebody didn’t immediately criticize it as a stupid idea… Welcome in Czechia 

Hela K. Nela V., you live in Krumlov? Apparently not, because otherwise you’d know that everything here is for tourists and nothing for ordinary residents. So don’t be surprised at some of the comments. They are justified…

Nela V. No I don’t live there but some of my family does. I’m referring to the general negativity of our nation, not just Krumlovites. Everything works better with a smile

Jiri V. I’m going for it!

Lukáš B. There’s a shortage of available homes in Krumlov for people who want to live and work here. And suddenly there’s empty units where somebody will pay people for being willing to live there?!

Dagmar B. I’ve spent the last hour trying to convince the old man to leave Plešivec and move to the city. Grampa will plop down in a chair in front of the house, stick a pipe in his mouth, we’ll slap some checkered slippers on his feet, and I’ll do some knitting…. those Asians won’t know what to make of us…

Eva P. R. Oh yeah! I’m looking at my calendar, and I’m going for it! To spend a month walking around Krumlov for a pensioner’s pay… I’d never go there as a tourist. I just hope I can find milk and bread in the center somewhere 

Michaela V. The best thing Ms. Seda could do would be hard work in a factory somewhere. Maybe then she wouldn’t get these stupid ideas with public money

Pauline Z. … if I would, I’d spend the entire summer “normalizing” my beloved Krumlov.

Jitka C. If I fill out the form properly and they take me, then we’ll bake our own bread, among neighbors   And we can make homemade milk, too, from vegetables    

Andrea D. I couldn’t get the rest of the family on board   I once experienced Krumlov for a month in January, and that was a strange experience: the first 14 days Russians everywhere, the next fourteen days absolutely dead. The contrast was depressing.

Lis K. We can walk around the center with a stroller, a baby, and a dog. I’ll use my wages to buy new wheels for the stroller after they’re damaged by the cobblestones 

Lada L. This is so absurd!

Kamila Z. it’s a great project!!!

Pepa M. This project is a slap in our face – the citizens of Krumlov. Instead of looking after its citizens and systematically working to return people to the city center, Krumlov hires a traveling theater to put on a tragicomedy for the tourists with the title: how nice life is in Krumlov. We are planning a protest, and I hope that the people will finally be heard

Milan M. A. I don’t know the details or the background behind this project. I understand it like this: “Hey, come and see what it would look like if people lived here normally.” In my opinion, finding a solution for the depopulation of the historical center of ČK is not up to artists or activities – that’s the job of the town council.

Monika P. My family and I are nearly ready to apply. It sounds great. I could barely fall asleep last night, I was so absurdly and happily excited.
Kateřina, we would still like to know whether we would be allowed to occasionally go back home during our time there – we’d need to occasionally check on the garden.

Jan H. T. I’ll take the job. Every day at four I’ll give all the kids in the neighborhood a good dressing-down and rudely whistle at passing women (but only for an extra fee). In the evening I’ll stumble home loudly from the pub, and my wife will properly scold me, always precisely at 11:15 pm. The kids will play soccer or trundle hoops, and occasionally steal apples from the market.

Michaela M. I’m in – I can offer natural scenes of hanging out outside with my two kids, one in a stroller and the other not completely well-behaved, but English-speaking – a bonus for disoriented tourists. P.S. I also have a tour guide license. I can stay at most two weeks in July or August.

Marie F. Hello, is this work LGBT friendly?

Jan K. I’m afraid it’s more BS friendly.

Tom W. V. What a great idea, the best job ever. XD

Pavel C. Soccer on the streets? Have you ever been in town in the summer? You can barely walk there, and all the shops are hung with items outside. That’ll be a real nice little game. Who comes up with this crap? Who’s paying for it?

Zuzana Z. It’s great that somebody is calling attention to this, especially since it’s with public involvement.

Jan K. So the town gets turned into a stage set. Congratulations!

Ludmila T. M. I would do it for life 

Stanisław A. Hello! Can a citizen of Russia participate in your project?

Jiří J. Ch. I could tan hides, walk my dog, or to outdoor drawings…but I’m afraid that those numbers of people would not be good for my health…keeping my fingers crossed

Rostislav N. H. Too bad I don’t live there   Soňa V. do you have any friends there?

Soňa V. I do, but they’re all taken  . But try to apply anyway 

Rostislav N. H. I’m not asking if they’re taken but if they’d be interested.

K. Zuzana I live here, I hang my blankets out the window and walk to the post office. I’d love to have new neighbors 

Eliška V. Kateřina Šedá I admire your work, which I had a chance to see in Brno. And even more so after reading some these comments   and how patiently and politely you respond to them.

Tamāra K. Dear Katerina! Possible to get invitation for foreigners?

Michaela H. It almost looks like a lot of people are angry because Kateřina is only trying to call attention to something that she sees as a problem. I’m not a local, I don’t know the circumstances, I don’t know whether or how much Kateřina is getting paid (and I don’t care). But they have the same problems in Karlovy Vary, which I know very well and whose downtown has become a ghost town. I remember when it wasn’t like that, and I wouldn’t mind if we could bring those times back. So I appreciate any effort, I support it, and I hope to see more of the same 

Milan M. A. I see it similarly

Marian V.l These kinds of ideas come from people who don’t work with their hands and don’t create any real physical value. Unfortunately this is how bad off our country is today..

Barbara L. I like the geese, but I’m curious what’ll happen when they bite someone

Nyemi V. Can I have a horse and chickens in my home?

Jaroslav K. I’ll take it – forever