About us

UNES-CO (United Nations Real Life Organization) is a fictitious company founded by the artist Kateřina Šeda for the 16th International Architecture Exhibition, which will take place in Venice, 2018. The name of the organization in Czech, “CO město UNESE,” derives from a play on words. The phrase might be translated as UNES = bear, CO = 1) “corporation,” or 2) “what.” The impetus for creating it was the plight of towns on the UNESCO World Heritage List that are overburdened by tourism. The main goal of the organization is to strive to conserve a semblance of normal life on the part of the local population in the centers of the affected cities. UNES-CO is based in the Czech and Slovak Pavilions in Venice and as of today has initiated a membership negotiations with 195 countries. The Czech Republic became the first member state on May 24, 2018.