Day Two, Sunday

The sun woke us with its rays in the morning, the birds were singing, and the sound of bells carried through town. The view from the window over Krumlov is beautiful, rain or shine.… Simply idyllic.

Our morning today looked similar to the one on Saturday: reading a book on the square, with child sleeping. Also, the ever-present tourists taking pictures of us and especially of our children. Anytime, anywhere. No scruples, no shame. I again realize that the square is sorely lacking in shade. It doesn’t take long for the sun to make any longer pause on a bench uncomfortable.

We spent the afternoon drinking coffee on Latrán Street. It was pleasant. We had to deal with a lot of tourists. Some just walked by, others stopped and looked, some smiled and some frowned, but there were also those who had no problem taking a picture of us and our children. At times, I felt like an animal in the zoo. It was definitely not a pleasant feeling. We also had a chance to talk with some locals. We met a very nice author, Mrs. Braunová, who has spent many years living here. She sat with us, and told us that she found the project personally offensive. We talked about the project a lot, discussing its positive and negative aspects, and what kind of expectations people had for it. We also had a chance to meet and make amends with the people with whom we’d gotten into conflict during our arrival. It was a very nice meeting with locals.

Later in the afternoon, we went down to the river. The kids waded in the water, fed the ducks, got a little wet, and had some ice cream… We also tried out a local restaurant, where we had excellent food at reasonable prices – and practically in the center. They even had a little box of toys for the kids. I think we’ll be coming back here again.