It can’t go on like this…

In the morning, we head to the Co-op for breakfast. An unforgettable sight greets us on the street… Latrán is completely deserted. Silent, peaceful, welcoming… unfortunately, not for long. Even as we are heading back, we encounter the first groups of tourists. And it’s not even eight o’clock 🙁

Later in the morning, we head down to the square to see whether the hopscotch court has survived. As expected, it’s gone. On the way, me run into an Asian man who points at my daughter and laughs in a way that is not at all nice. Is it really so strange for a blonde girl to be walking down a pedestrian zone barefoot? Then he photographs her from behind. It’s 10 o’clock, and this is one more thing that is starting to bother us.

I was talking with someone about why they take pictures of blondes. Supposedly because it’s something they don’t know. Okay. I guess that’s a good argument. But today I ran across some black people who were not at all interested in our children. And blondes also stand out among blacks… what a strange world!

There’s a lot of traffic on the square, even near the fountain. We are constantly having to avoid the cars, so we stay less than an hour and go for a visit on Široká Street, where they have excellent coffee and homemade elderflower cordial. It’s scorching hot in the sun, so we head into the building’s hallway, where we offer a chair and refreshments to Mrs. Braunová, who tells us about the history of Krumlov and her family.

We decide not to cook for lunch and to support the local restaurant instead. Our choice falls on Travellers. Great service, excellent food, decent prices, and a large box of toys for the kids. It was a good choice.

In the afternoon, we decide to escape the scorching city and hide from the tourists. Another good decision today.