On Sunday, the families from Latrán decided to hold a birthday party. My husband and I promised to bring a barbecue and some food for grilling. One of the women organized live music – the popular singer and guitarist Dušan, who plays on the wooden bridge. When we arrived with the grill, the tables were all set up with refreshments, and everybody got a party hat. We grilled meat, sausages, cheese, and mushrooms. A neighbor was watching from the window and every now and then yelled something, but all I understood was the name “Šedá.” He was frustrated by a project that allowed our families to barbecue on the street while he can’t even set out a chair. I understand his frustration, and I hope that the situation will calm down and the locals who live here will be able to live normal lives – to place chairs in front of their houses or to have a barbecue with friends.