Festival weekend

Friday at four in the afternoon, a group of enthusiasts got together on the square, and with the help of two other buskers and a local guitarist who were playing by the fountain, invited passers-by to attend the third annual Summer Outdoor Film Festival. The festival program was put together by a small group of young locals who are trying to breathe life into the former outdoor cinema, which even in today’s slightly decayed state retains a certain magical atmosphere but remains otherwise unused. The costumed participants set out on a parade through town, inviting locals and visitors to their festival, but unfortunately most of the people they passed were tourists, who photographed and filmed the masked procession. Someone suggested that next year’s procession could start on the edge of town in order to get people from the outlying neighborhoods to come to the festival. I ran into the procession one more time on Latrán, where the situation was similar.

The festival itself was attended by Krumlovites of all ages. It was a joy to see the kids running around and their parents enjoying themselves. The festival continued the next day at noon. Refreshments were provided, and the beer was nice and cold. Somebody had to find a generator for the bands’ sound system because the outdoor cinema no longer has any electricity of its own. Both evening, the festival had to end at 10pm because unlike the city center, “quiet hour” in this part of town is 10pm. But that didn’t ruin the fun time with good music and friends.