Going for a walk with my niece. Beer for 90 crowns ruins the mood a bit.

This is the best thing that could’ve happened to me – a volunteer job in the heart of Český Krumlov. I love it here. And if you haven’t been here, you need to expand your horizons! Today, our goal is to transcend the limits of the everyday. The morning started out promisingly. I hopped, skipped and jumped over the broken sidewalks of Špičák, full of love I dropped all my change into the palm of a guy wildly blowing into a didgeridoo who almost certainly isn’t a druggie and just needs the money for the train to Budějovice. I threw a knowing eye towards the camera on town hall – after all, we’re going to be friends for a whole month – I hop across the square, answer various questions about where the information center and the public restrooms are, and then I pick up my niece in a stroller.

I love spring thunderstorms, and if they catch me on the square in Krumlov I can hide under the arcades. But as an auntie with a stroller, I don’t feel like hiding from the sun. I would welcome some greenery under which I could relax, or is that too much to ask?

I complete my mission with the purchase of a small snack – discounted from 75 to 60 crowns. Good thing that the drivers on the main road are patient enough to wait while the crowds of tourists (I’m censoring myself so my screen won’t explode) amble along from the parking lot in groups, forcing driver to just wait and wait. I know this isn’t as interesting a subject as novichok, but I’d like to see a survey whether perhaps a pedestrian overpass or underpass would be a good idea?!? I’ll take responses until the end of June – unless I suddenly develop an emotional bond to the Chinese tourists.

I hereby proclaim the season officially open. This is only the beginning.