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Sometimes – meaning on some days – there are fewer tourists, but I still sit on my one bench, eating, and the tourists walk right across my feet. I’m half expecting them to climb onto my shoulders – I just can’t believe it! The Chinese behave like they don’t even see me. Otherwise nothing new […]


Both yesterday and today, the streets were filled with tourists since the early morning hours. One problem is the “Alchemists’ House” in our street. Insiders have told us that it is going to be a hotel or restaurant. A local teacher nearly has a fit whenever she sees the stuffed deer in the window of […]

parking, tourists

There’s no place to park in town. It’s not a good place to live. It’s very difficult to walk through the city center – the crowds of tourists, mainly from Asia, are more and more inconsiderate. The center is dead; there isn’t a single “normal” store. Town hall should think about what to do and […]


When residents of Český Krumlov want to show their grandchildren where they live (or rather, don’t live), they have to drive 2km. A pretty square, a fountains, pretty narrow streets, but CAREFUL – it’s not for you. It’s for Japanese and Chinese and other tourists. There could be more benches on the road from the […]


I guess that as more and more tourists started coming to Krumlov, the locals figured out that they could make money from them. So they turned every doorway into a shop window for souvenirs or hats. Unfortunately, in its greed the town completely forget about its own inhabitants. And since the city isn’t interested in […]


We spend the morning on a stone bench on Latrán. Then we go to the square, where a reporter takes our picture. He later came for a visit while I was making lunch. In the newspaper, I found something about a dance event at the castle. I ask where the Masquerade Hall is – we […]


On Sunday, the families from Latrán decided to hold a birthday party. My husband and I promised to bring a barbecue and some food for grilling. One of the women organized live music – the popular singer and guitarist Dušan, who plays on the wooden bridge. When we arrived with the grill, the tables were […]

A visit with the vice mayor

I have just returned from a meeting with Mr. Hermann, who asked about the project and locals’ responses to it. We talked about what issues the project has brought to the surface, and how it is useful for town hall to see what bothers people and what they would like to see different. If people […]

Travels through town

Today, before going on my walk to visit the project families, I stopped by the police booth on the main square to deal with a situation that happened last night: Around midnight, a group of drunken football fans from Ostrava was chanting outside our window, and when my son confronted them from the window of […]

It’s what you make of it…

Our “normal life” in Krumlov has come to an end, we are back to our real normal life, and so I can briefly recapitulate what my 12 days in the house on Latrán Street has brought me. As another family wrote in their blog, it was a time of strong experiences. And my experiences were […]