Monthly Archives: June 2018

Ciao, bella!

After a few days watching the ever-present crowds of tourists in the busy city center, you suddenly recall the people sitting around Mediterranean towns and their looks or occasional comments 🙂 Sometimes I’m tempted to behave similarly. Besides going shopping at the local grocery store, today we managed to see the castle and its surroundings, […]

The start of our journey with UNES-CO

Saturday. I settle into my accommodations and to check out the surroundings. Although I walk through this area a lot, I see it differently now. On my way from Latrán to the square, I pass two overflowing garbage cans. On the square, I go looking for an empty bench. There’s several to choose from. Even […]

Day 1 – studying and embroidering

Saturday 2.6. We were looking forward to our first normal activity in the heart of Krumlov, but after a hectic week at work (I work at a cultural institution downtown, Pavel at a school), we really didn’t feel like being among people. So we decided to start slowly – Pavel has an exam in English […]


The wooden sticks you get as a beginning cake-baker are useless if you get to talking with the women in front of the house and the cake just keeps on baking and baking. The sparrows aren’t as cute as they once were. They soil everything they touch… Every day, we encounter locals and outsiders curious […]

The first day: A second opinion :o)

Good evening! In order to provide a fuller image of our plans to engage in everyday life, I shall add a few complementary notes. As my dear wife has already written, today we walked through some of Krumlov and as part of our job tried to imagine what normal things (planned normalcy or even slightly […]

First day in Krumlov

Wishing everybody a good Monday evening 🙂 There’s still lots of people in Krumlov, day or night. The best way to tell is by how tame the birds are. One pleasant surprise is that there are no pigeons here, but lots of swallows and other small birds, some of which are so tame that they’ll […]

Festival weekend

Friday at four in the afternoon, a group of enthusiasts got together on the square, and with the help of two other buskers and a local guitarist who were playing by the fountain, invited passers-by to attend the third annual Summer Outdoor Film Festival. The festival program was put together by a small group of […]