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What a pretty flower :-)

Dear friends, greetings from Latrán. We’ve just planted some flowers in flowerpots, and are surrounded by dirt and curious glances. I’m going to leave the flowers out till evening and see what happens 🙂 I’m sitting by the computer with a cup of tea, talking with a neighbor. We are both, in a way, home […]

Respekt? Respekt!

Today, I opened the latest edition of Respektmagazine and immediately came across two articles about the issues we are addressing here in Český Krumlov. Too many tourists, not enough locals, the disappearance of normal life. One article was about Venice, the other about Prague Castle and the surrounding areas. All the things we complain about […]

A child’s point of view!

I think that it’s good here in Český Krumlov, but I can see that the locals have neglected the downtown a bit, or maybe some of them don’t have a chance to say or do anything to make it better. There should be more trash cans, because it’s really gross to go out for a […]

Friday ruminations and fatigue

We somehow don’t feel like doing anything today. Although it may not look like it, this project is quite demanding work. What has been especially draining is that you have to be constantly on the alert when you’re not in your home environment. This is best seen when I want to sweep up: At first, […]

Day four – Thur. 21. 6. (I guess).

On Thursday, we had a long-planned visit by relatives. On situations like this, you never know what is going to happen, since the kids go wild (especially in the company of grandpa) and then everything ends up differently than originally planned. Today some aunties are supposed to come with their dog, so at least we’ll […]

Looking back at our notes – day three, Wed. 20. 6.

We don’t have any particular plan for Wednesday, so we go to explore other parts of town. Somewhat by chance, because we explore every place we can get into, we come across a permanent artisans’ market in the courtyard of the regional museum. Across the street is popular lookout where people are taking pictures like […]

Looking back at our notes – day two, Tue. 19. 6.

Tuesday starts out nice enough. The kids go out to draw with chalk, which captures the attention of a few tourists. All at once, go musicians (good ones) appear, and my daughter starts to dance to their music. This ends up drawing more attention than the drawing, perhaps in part because you don’t have to […]

Ciao, bella!

After a few days watching the ever-present crowds of tourists in the busy city center, you suddenly recall the people sitting around Mediterranean towns and their looks or occasional comments 🙂 Sometimes I’m tempted to behave similarly. Besides going shopping at the local grocery store, today we managed to see the castle and its surroundings, […]

The first day: A second opinion :o)

Good evening! In order to provide a fuller image of our plans to engage in everyday life, I shall add a few complementary notes. As my dear wife has already written, today we walked through some of Krumlov and as part of our job tried to imagine what normal things (planned normalcy or even slightly […]