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21. 6. 2018 – Zuzana celebrates her 9th birthday

Zuzana is celebrating her 9th birthday today. She’s been looking forward to it (the presents, mostly) since morning. A little after 7, we take the bus to Větřní. She goes to school and I make a cake for the afternoon. Armed with all the party supplies, we get in the car and almost leave without […]

Notes from 20 June 2018

It’s just after 7am on Wednesday. Four street sweepers pass by, then a truck to take away the trash. The scaffolding disappeared from the house across the street yesterday, so it’ll be beautiful for the Festivities. At 8:45, I leave the house. A piece of an oriel window on the building housing the pizzeria has […]

Notes on 19. 6. 2018 – Let’s return Krumlov to the Krumlovites

It’s just past 6:30 am, and the Asian are already here. A little after 7 o’clock, we go to the bus station. We enjoy the empty streets. On the way, we encounter a truck delivering beer. I think about how it’s a shame that the house in town has no garden. I go shopping at […]

Day three – Monday 18. 6. 2018

The workmen start work on the neighboring building just after 7 o’clock. One of them arrived on bike. Every now and then, a pedestrian or a car passes by. By 9am, there’s the first group of loud Asians by the change office. The clock tower strikes 9, and it’s as busy here as on Wenceslas […]

Day two – Sunday 17. 6. 2018

It’s a little after 7 o’clock on Sunday. The street is almost completely deserted. The workmen are working on the house that is being renovated. I go to check the grocery store. It’s well-stocked, patronized by locals, with friendly clerks. They even have my favorite brand of milk. But they don’t have Czech apples, and […]

The start of our journey with UNES-CO

Saturday. I settle into my accommodations and to check out the surroundings. Although I walk through this area a lot, I see it differently now. On my way from Latrán to the square, I pass two overflowing garbage cans. On the square, I go looking for an empty bench. There’s several to choose from. Even […]