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Eva wanted to plant some herbs that grow well in a planter in the house on Latrán. I promised that I would procure the herbs and soil at a nearby gardening store. I brought everything home, but how to get it to her place on Latráň? That’s what neighbors are for! I popped by to […]

Farewell party

Even the bad weather couldn’t keep the Čareks from organizing a farewell party for their friends and for any locals who happened by. I always looked forward to seeing Věra and her family whenever I went out on one of my walks. They were always doing something outside their window: once, they were making elderflower […]

Walking the dogs

I promised Eva and her kids that I would come by with the dogs and we’d take them for a walk together. On the way, one of my girls decided to do her duty in the narrowest place between the wall and the garden on the island, and by the time I managed to pick […]

The Festivities

With the Festivities of the Five-Petalled Rose approaching, local have been engaged in a debate that could be summarized as: join in or leave town? Some locals don’t like the crowds of tourists; they have begun to feel that the festival is no longer theirs. But there are also those who enjoy attending the event […]

Festival weekend

Friday at four in the afternoon, a group of enthusiasts got together on the square, and with the help of two other buskers and a local guitarist who were playing by the fountain, invited passers-by to attend the third annual Summer Outdoor Film Festival. The festival program was put together by a small group of […]


On Sunday, the families from Latrán decided to hold a birthday party. My husband and I promised to bring a barbecue and some food for grilling. One of the women organized live music – the popular singer and guitarist Dušan, who plays on the wooden bridge. When we arrived with the grill, the tables were […]

A visit with the vice mayor

I have just returned from a meeting with Mr. Hermann, who asked about the project and locals’ responses to it. We talked about what issues the project has brought to the surface, and how it is useful for town hall to see what bothers people and what they would like to see different. If people […]

Travels through town

Today, before going on my walk to visit the project families, I stopped by the police booth on the main square to deal with a situation that happened last night: Around midnight, a group of drunken football fans from Ostrava was chanting outside our window, and when my son confronted them from the window of […]