Lego building blocks

Airy UNES-CO castle

A bear in a moat


We are sitting at a base of a Baroque plague column and assembling the lego building blocks with Emička (5). In our “normal” life, I would probably have not brought LEGO blocks to a square, but in Česky Krumlov’s “normal” life, everything is possible. And easy too. We are enjoying it and ourselves.

The founder of LEGO company had a motto: “only the best is the best”, or – in another version – “the best is never too good”. Steve Jobs would agree, I think.

Then, we go to Široká St. /Broad St./ to buy an ice-cream.

I cannot imagine we might be dead one day. We are certainly alive today. Such a blessing.


/Eva Bartoňová Veselá/