Monthly Archives: June 2018


First thing in the morning a local resident who brought Věra some anti-stress coloring books suggested that local residents could get discounts for expositions in town. The town would get a grant to cover the difference. That would get people to come downtown. One thorn in the eye for locals is the Wágner senior home, […]


Peťa and Evan have brought some cherries from their garden. The “Totally Normal Family” has come to invite us to a birthday party on Latrán. Věra is fixing to bake a cake, the kids are mixing, while the other mothers are pouring out the tub after the outdoor bath. It’s Sunday – laundry day. Around […]


The burning issue for people who stop by is vehicle entry into the pedestrian zone. One passer-by suggests a parking lot for citizens of Český Krumlov with two hours free parking. All you’d need is an ID with a chip – the technology is there. We again open discussion on the subject of charging fees […]

Journey to the end of the world

You never know what will get you so worked up that the veins bulge out on your forehead. In one of my earlier posts, I wrote that the road to Krumlov was horrible (probably no matter what direction you come from). Today, I had the opportunity to reconfirm that impression. I traveled to Prague and […]

We run out of medicine

  Yesterday evening, we ran out of some important medicine that has to be taken every morning and evening. So we decided to deal with it first thing Saturday morning. As is the case everywhere (small towns and villages), in ČeskýKrumlov it’s not exactly the greatest when something like this happens on a weekend or […]

Old houses and small children

What is it like to live in an old house with small children? I start with the downsides. We have to drag the strollers up the stairs. We help each other when we can, fold up the strollers, and carry the luggage and the kids up or down the stairs in stages. When we are […]

Always the same song

Today is our sixth day in the fun park that is downtown Český Krumlov. I really like the buildings here, I like the locals we have met, I like “our” house… BUT… it’s hell sitting in front of the building in the afternoon. The tourists and the sun make it unbearable. It would be easier […]


Krumlov is a great place early in the morning, but you have to get in your walk before 8am. Our little girl turns 10 months old today, so in the morning we went for a checkup at the doctor. Downtown, you could eat off the pavement. But once you leave the center, you find yourself […]

Please do not touch the exhibited items

In the morning, the kids and I go for a walk. A group of Asian tourists notices us – because of their constant photographing, they are walking at the same pace as our kids. At first, they smile at us. They find the children cute. Then for some strange reason they find it entertaining to […]

It can’t go on like this…

In the morning, we head to the Co-op for breakfast. An unforgettable sight greets us on the street… Latrán is completely deserted. Silent, peaceful, welcoming… unfortunately, not for long. Even as we are heading back, we encounter the first groups of tourists. And it’s not even eight o’clock 🙁 Later in the morning, we head […]