Farewell party

Even the bad weather couldn’t keep the Čareks from organizing a farewell party for their friends and for any locals who happened by. I always looked forward to seeing Věra and her family whenever I went out on one of my walks. They were always doing something outside their window: once, they were making elderflower cordial; another time, they were pitting cherries for cake. These nearly daily encounters reminded me of the “normal” life we used to experience in Krumlov more than anything else: stopping by a friend’s house, he invites you in for soup or pours you a bear, you hold his child, you have a chat.

Because of the ongoing rain, the party was moved to the entrance of the Egon Schiele Centrum. And when the museum closed, everybody relocated to the UKG Washhouse, where the party continued. We drank a keg and two cases of beer, and quite a bit of rum. Pepa manned the grill non-stop, preparing meat and sausages. Věra, Míra Bednářů and his son Matěj provided musical entertainment. And the kids enjoyed the party as well!

I’m going to miss Věra and her family on Široká, but they are not disappearing from my life, and we will continue to run into each other in Krumlov. And now we will know each other a little better.