The Festivities

With the Festivities of the Five-Petalled Rose approaching, local have been engaged in a debate that could be summarized as: join in or leave town? Some locals don’t like the crowds of tourists; they have begun to feel that the festival is no longer theirs. But there are also those who enjoy attending the event and who claim that the festival is what you make of it. If you want, you can enjoy it without the crowds.

On the Krumlech website, 18 people voted for making an escape into nature and 11 people opted to stay and join the festivities. On the website of the PRO 2016 civic association, 149 said they were going to skip town and 60 said they would stay and attend. While walking the dogs I noticed that Rybářská Street, which is usually not touristy, is full of Asian visitors. The reason? There’s gates at all main entrances into town where you have to pay admission. Some visitors feel that the short time they are spending here is not worth buying a ticket; after all, Rybářská is also a pretty street to take pictures of. On the other hand, there are also tourists who truly enjoy the festivities and that comes with them.

I decided to forego my usual position (“I do not attend the Festivities.”) and to give them a chance – and I am glad I did. The program on Hradební Street, which was dominated by the Vít Maršík Theatre Company, was worth it. The performance of The Little Prince at the UKG Washhouse was magical! The entire street was transformed into an outdoor theater. There even was a tightrope walker and a performance by Dark Blue Elephant.