Walking the dogs

I promised Eva and her kids that I would come by with the dogs and we’d take them for a walk together. On the way, one of my girls decided to do her duty in the narrowest place between the wall and the garden on the island, and by the time I managed to pick up her poop, we had managed to create a traffic jam of tourists – who showed due respect towards what I was carrying in my bag and made sure to get out of the way. But it took me a while to dispose of my payload since the nearest trash can was almost by the castle steps. Holding a leash with three dogs in one hand and a bag full of stinky excrement in the other, I finally managed to wind my way through the camera-toting tourists on the wooden bridge and dispose of my unwanted burden.

The kids were impatiently waiting for us when we arrived. They split up the dogs among themselves (luckily, the number of dogs matched the number of children), and of we went. The kids bought doggie treats, which my girls were more than happy to gobble down. We went for a walk along the river by the brewery, the kids played in the river, and Eva appreciated that even Krumlov there are quiet places such as this. We walked through the Deer Garden, where the kids (the dogs running after them) climbed all the way up to below the castle and did great acrobatic stunts back down the hill. The oldest boy sprained his ankle, and my husband (strongman that he is) carried him down the hill and on his shoulders all the way home 🙂