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Lego building blocks Airy UNES-CO castle A bear in a moat   We are sitting at a base of a Baroque plague column and assembling the lego building blocks with Emička (5). In our “normal” life, I would probably have not brought LEGO blocks to a square, but in Česky Krumlov’s “normal” life, everything is […]


WE LOVE ČESKÝ KRUMLOV, Emička (5) says, with a piece of chalk in hand. AND VENICE TOO!

“A normal life is enough for me,” a yellow dress said.

Two Women from India The children are playing with a ball with their father in Latrán. Two tourists are sitting down on a sofa in the street, with a visible relief. My chance arrived, I say to myself, and I sit down next to them. We exchange radiant smiles, look at the children, nod our […]

The Colour of Vanish Detergent

Nine violet roses, The colour of Vanish detergent, And a white vase, Bought in Tesco, made in China, Made my day in Český Krumlov today. Nourishment for the soul, As Khalil Gibran recommends. /He drank too much./ I bought pasta, pesto and parmigiano, And a bottle of red wine too. All our yesterdays will be […]