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A crocodile in the fountain

The kids were fascinated by the fountain on the square. There hasn’t been a day when they didn’t splash around in it. And wouldn’t you know it – one of them dropped a toy in it. A little plastic crocodile that was a prize possession. Today’s mission was clear: rescue the crocodile from the fountain. […]

We’re celebrating

In the morning we went to invite Věra and her family over for an afternoon celebration. There were several people celebrating, so it looked like good party. On Široká, we cooled off with refreshments and watched Věra prepare the cake. The kids helped out gladly. All day it looked like it might rain, so we […]

We run out of medicine

  Yesterday evening, we ran out of some important medicine that has to be taken every morning and evening. So we decided to deal with it first thing Saturday morning. As is the case everywhere (small towns and villages), in ČeskýKrumlov it’s not exactly the greatest when something like this happens on a weekend or […]

Always the same song

Today is our sixth day in the fun park that is downtown Český Krumlov. I really like the buildings here, I like the locals we have met, I like “our” house… BUT… it’s hell sitting in front of the building in the afternoon. The tourists and the sun make it unbearable. It would be easier […]

It can’t go on like this…

In the morning, we head to the Co-op for breakfast. An unforgettable sight greets us on the street… Latrán is completely deserted. Silent, peaceful, welcoming… unfortunately, not for long. Even as we are heading back, we encounter the first groups of tourists. And it’s not even eight o’clock 🙁 Later in the morning, we head […]

Start of the working week, Monday

Right in the morning, it’s clear that the situation is different today than on the weekend. Latrán Street is no longer a “quiet” pedestrian zone with the occasional passing automobile – it’s become a busy throughway with an unprecedented number of people passing by chaotically. Bus companies pass by one after another, and deliveries are […]

Day Two, Sunday

The sun woke us with its rays in the morning, the birds were singing, and the sound of bells carried through town. The view from the window over Krumlov is beautiful, rain or shine.… Simply idyllic. Our morning today looked similar to the one on Saturday: reading a book on the square, with child sleeping. […]