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It’s what you make of it…

Our “normal life” in Krumlov has come to an end, we are back to our real normal life, and so I can briefly recapitulate what my 12 days in the house on Latrán Street has brought me. As another family wrote in their blog, it was a time of strong experiences. And my experiences were […]

Night-time unrest

Krumlov nights are not quiet. Unlike in other towns, the official nighttime quiet hours start not at 10pm but at midnight. And the noise from the streets dies down only very slowly. Around eight in the evening, a woman is singing an aria across the street, and a young guitarist is strumming nearby. The tourists […]

Old houses and small children

What is it like to live in an old house with small children? I start with the downsides. We have to drag the strollers up the stairs. We help each other when we can, fold up the strollers, and carry the luggage and the kids up or down the stairs in stages. When we are […]

Please do not touch the exhibited items

In the morning, the kids and I go for a walk. A group of Asian tourists notices us – because of their constant photographing, they are walking at the same pace as our kids. At first, they smile at us. They find the children cute. Then for some strange reason they find it entertaining to […]

Going shopping

The supplies we brought with us are slowly running out, and it’s time to go shopping. From the map we studied together to see where we were going to spend this month, we know that there’s a Co-op on Latrán Street. We were curious about what you could buy at a place located right across […]

This town isn’t for everyone

We are going full steam ahead in our new profession as “ordinary people.” From morning to evening, my kids and I wander the streets of Krumlov engaging in “normal life.” We play ball, football, badminton, hopscotch. We’ve set up a table and chairs on the street, where the kids paint, the adults drink coffee, beer, […]

We don’t want you here

“We don’t want you here,” the protestors told us after we’d spent an hour engaged in an unpleasant conflict with local residents right after arriving in Krumlov and trying to unpack our “travelling circus.” Two cars, four adults, six kids, and a pile of junk for several weeks of life. If you don’t have kids, […]