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18.6.2018 no.2

Český Krumlov is a pretty town, but so many tourists – they’ve totally overwhelmed the city. The onslaught should be reduced somehow. Although it would be nice to live here, it’s just impossible. First thing you’d have to do is to acoustically insulate the whole building. I didn’t sleep a wink last night for the […]


The drivers who deliver goods to the shops in the morning drive without any regard for those around them. Two delivery trucks parked so close next to one another that it was impossible to pass. We weren’t the only ones who had to wait. Later, I saw a truck racing down the street so fast […]


Sometimes – meaning on some days – there are fewer tourists, but I still sit on my one bench, eating, and the tourists walk right across my feet. I’m half expecting them to climb onto my shoulders – I just can’t believe it! The Chinese behave like they don’t even see me. Otherwise nothing new […]


When residents of Český Krumlov want to show their grandchildren where they live (or rather, don’t live), they have to drive 2km. A pretty square, a fountains, pretty narrow streets, but CAREFUL – it’s not for you. It’s for Japanese and Chinese and other tourists. There could be more benches on the road from the […]


I guess that as more and more tourists started coming to Krumlov, the locals figured out that they could make money from them. So they turned every doorway into a shop window for souvenirs or hats. Unfortunately, in its greed the town completely forget about its own inhabitants. And since the city isn’t interested in […]


We spend the morning on a stone bench on Latrán. Then we go to the square, where a reporter takes our picture. He later came for a visit while I was making lunch. In the newspaper, I found something about a dance event at the castle. I ask where the Masquerade Hall is – we […]


We go to have a look at the castle. I ask one of the people selling things where the revolving stage is. He has a lot of customers, so he just spits out: “HILL” (Uphill, uphill). I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly, or if he was even answering me. So I try again, and […]


Saturday. The tourists are kind and attentive. We wanted to go dancing, but the musician wasn’t on the square – he was on the wooden bridge. Otherwise, everything is fine.


We walked through town all the way to the bypass. It’s quite a hill. In the morning, I aired the duvets and the beds. It feels like there’s fewer tourists today. The cars almost ran us over in the small streets – we had no place to get out of the way.


We settled into our housing and met another family. Although we had to fight our way through masses of tourists, we got down to the square and the center of action.